Spring Lake, New Jersey


Warren Avenue Apartments

Located in Spring Lake, this structure was designed to appear as a single home allowing it to blend seamlessly into this charming beach town. The AHA worked with the town to ensure that the design fits the character of the neighborhood where the average home price is over $1 million.

The success of this public/private partnership led to the AHA speaking as a panelist on innovative affordable housing solutions for municipalities at the 2015 Governor’s Conference on Housing and Economics.

  • Partnered with the Municipality of Spring Lake to develop a multi-family dwelling on a vacant parcel of land.
  • The Warren Avenue Apartments feature four (4) units for low- to moderate-income individuals and families.
  • Financed through Spring Lake Municipal Funds and Disaster Relief Funds.
Location: Spring Lake
September 2014
Four Apartments –
(1) 1 Bedroom (2) 2 bedroom,
(1) 3 Bedroom
Home Type: Family Living
Sources of Funding: Partnership with Spring Lake