The AHA serves clients who are seeking assistance in obtaining a workout solution with their current mortgage holder in order to reduce monthly mortgage payments. The AHA prioritizes client intervention based on where clients are in the foreclosure process. If you are facing an imminent foreclosure emergency, call the Affordable Housing Alliance at 732-389-2958.

For assistance, please:

  1. Click here to complete and submit the online Foreclosure Intake Form.
  2. Once your Intake Form has been submitted and reviewed, an AHA Program Navigator will be in touch to review your information and review the next steps.
  3. Upon review, you will be provided with and asked to complete and return the counseling packet with copies of all requested documents to the Affordable Housing Alliance, 3535 RT 66 Parkway 100 Complex, Building 4, Neptune, NJ 07753 by mail or in person. Copies of all documents are strongly recommended, please contact our main office if you are in need of assistance.
  4. The AHA will review your counseling packet to ensure complete and appropriate documentation with a follow-up should there be missing items. The AHA strongly encourages a thorough review of all packets and information prior to submission as missing documents tend to lead to delays in service.
  5. A Housing Stability Counselor will be in touch to schedule your one-on-one session. Please note, virtual and in-person sessions are available.

According to the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD), a reverse mortgage is a special type of home loan that allows homeowners over the age of 62 to convert a portion of the equity in their home into cash. The equity that has been built up over years of making mortgage payments can be paid to the homeowner. Reverse mortgage counseling is required by all lenders. Certified counselors will educate interested homeowners about a reverse mortgage, discussing the pros and cons of taking one as well as the costs involved and other alternatives.

  1. To get started, you must complete an intake. You may complete an online intake by clicking here.
  2. Alternatively, you can call our office to complete an intake at 732-389-2958.
  3. Once completed, a Housing Stability Counselor who specialized in Reverse Mortgages will be in touch to begin the conversation.


Who is eligible? – Homeowners over the age of 62 who are willing to use their primary residence as collateral. Applicants should have no delinquencies on any federal debt. The property needs to appraise for more than the unpaid principal balance if there is an existing mortgage.

How much can a homeowner receive? – This varies by loan. Some of the contributing factors include the current interest rate, the age of the homeowners, and the value of the property.

Is there a fee for counseling services? – The Affordable Housing Alliance charges $200 for reverse mortgage counseling, but this can be waived depending on the homeowner’s financial situation and available grant funding.

You’ve bought your home, now what? The Affordable Housing Alliance (AHA) and eHome America’s Post Purchase course is designed to help you understand what happens after you move into your home. Learn about financial planning for your new home’s expenses, expected maintenance costs, tax benefits, and when and who to contact if financial hardship happens unexpectedly. Your first home is a life-changing event, so take the proper steps to make it an easy transition from renting to owning for life. If sustainable homeownership is your goal, the AHA and eHome America will help you get there.

Curriculums May Include:

  • Preparing buyers for long-term responsibilities
  • Reinforcing the importance of budgeting and saving
  • Offering tips for community support and involvement
  • Providing the steps needed during financial hardship

Want to learn more? Visit the Post Purchase Programs page to discover all the great benefits of these services, and if you were ready to register feel free to jump right in with the Registration Page!

In an effort to assist municipalities with satisfying their COAH obligations, the AHA administers home rehabilitation assistance in some communities that will help income-qualified households make their homes safer and more energy-efficient.  The purpose of the program is to bring substandard housing up to code. Substandard units are those units requiring repair or replacement of at least one major system.

We are currently offering our Housing Rehabilitation Program in the following municipalities: Neptune Township, Millstone Township, and Manalapan Township.
We also offer housing rehabilitation in Ocean County under two separate programs:
  • The CDBG Program is available to residents of all municipalities located in Ocean County with the exception of Brick, Jackson, Lakewood, and Toms River Townships.
  • The HOME Program is available to residents of all thirty-three (33) municipalities located in Ocean County. Brick, Jackson, Lakewood, and Toms River Township residents are eligible for participation in the HOME Program by referral from their respective municipal HOME liaison.”

Please complete and submit the initial online Intake Form, and select “Rehabilitation Program” in the “Reason for Contact” menu box.

The Financial Literacy Training provides five in-depth classes on Basic Banking, Credit, Budgeting, Identity Theft, and Understanding Insurance. Basic Banking provides information on different accounts that people can open and their benefits. Credit is an in-depth look into what credit is, how to attain good credit, and how to fix credit. Budgeting provides resourceful information on budgeting tools for the client as well as the household. Identity Theft illustrates the importance of keeping track of finances, what to do when you are a victim of identity theft, and the different ways identity theft occurs. Understanding Insurance provides information on different insurances available to homeowners, what to look for when shopping for insurance, and the importance of insurance. Click here to register.

America’s Premier Online Homebuyer Post Purchase Education

Learn about:

  • Budget and Credit
  • Insurance
  • Successful Homeownership
  • Permitting

Certificate of completion awarded upon completion if allowed by Partner Agency

Course Fee: 75.00 per registration.
The course fee is non-refundable.


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