Peter Boynton

Director of Housing and Community Services

Peter Boynton is the Director of Housing and Community Services which manages all Community Action Programming and Emergency Housing for the Affordable Housing Alliance and serves on the Monmouth County Homeless Veteran’s Sub-Committee, Community Action Program of New Jersey Board of Directors, Crudup Community Center Board of Directors Executive Committee, and the Christian Academy NJ Board of Directors Executive Committee.  Peter has worked in community action and advocacy for over twenty years and has leveraged his Masters degrees in Counseling as well as Forensic Psychology to assist families in overcoming the obstacles that prevent them from securing housing and stabilizing the factors contributing to fiscal, nutritional and educational insecurity in their lives.

To this end, Peter currently oversees the Community Action Program for Monmouth County, which provides security deposit, rental arrears, utility arrears, childcare, summer camp, transportation, and grants to families who are struggling with poverty.  Additionally, Peter Boynton oversees the Monmouth County Adult Shelter and the Ocean County Code Blue responses.  Each of these programs collaboratively works to end poverty and homelessness in Monmouth and Ocean County.