Rita Das

Director of Logistics

Ms. Das began her career at AT&T Bell Labs after she completed her Bachelor’s and Master’s degree in Electrical Engineering from the University of Pennsylvania and Johns Hopkins University, respectively.

While at the Labs, she worked on developing the newest routing algorithms for voice traffic. After earning her MBA from NYU, Ms. Das transferred to the International Business unit within AT&T. She partnered with telecom providers worldwide to launch global services addressing needs of multinational corporations.

After AT&T, Ms. Das joined Twin Lights Group and has worked on projects that leverage both her technology and business background.

Since 2011, Ms. Das has been working with the Affordable Housing Alliance to help them become more efficient in what they do. In particular, Ms. Das has focused on applying cost-effective cloud-based solutions to streamline back-office operations.

Ms. Das has introduced cloud-based products to support all aspects of the Alliance’s technology needs, including telephone services, customer database, document storage and collaboration. As a result, the cloud-based platform used by the AHA has enabled them to be more competitive in the non-profit world.