AHA Properties

Map of Monmouth County displaying the AHA's properties. AHA Properties

The Affordable Housing Alliance’s mission is to improve the quality of life for all New Jersey residents by developing and preserving affordable housing, providing services to maintain housing affordability, providing housing education, and helping communities meet their legal and moral housing obligations.

When you give to the Affordable Housing Alliance (AHA), you are helping us continue our more than 20-year commitment to providing homes and services to individuals and families in the communities we live in. Your donation today to the AHA can help make homeownership a reality and improve the quality of life for families and individuals in New Jersey. Your gift can support so many things; from our general fund, a specific program, or a special project such as a playground or community room for children, when you help support the Affordable Housing Alliance you can be sure your contribution will make a difference in New Jersey. Donate today to the AHA and give the gift of being home.


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