Photo of the AHA's new CEO, Randi Moore.

Randi Moore

Chief Executive Officer


Warren Sidosky

Chief Financial Officer


Toi L. Collins

Chief Program Officer


Kathleen Kerr

Director of Utilities

Profile Picture of Peter Boynton

Peter Boynton

Director of Housing Stability

Chris P. Headshot

Christopher Pugliese

Director of Housing Development

Profile Picture of Amanda Movelle

Amanda Movelle

Director of Administration

Profile Picture of Britton Cook, Director of Property Management.

Britton Cook

Director of Property Management

Executive Committee

Randy Bishop, Chairperson

Dyese Davis, Vice-Chair

Peter Dontas, Treasurer

Maria Delaplain, Secretary

Board of Directors

Bernard Friel, Director

Laurence Gurman, Director

Maria Messano, Director

Mark Moore, Director

Anthony Privitera, Director

Michael Stasi, Director

Peggy Zarrelli, Director