Introducing An All New Financial Freedom Boot Camp!

The AHA has developed an incentivized program that offers a unique combination of resources specifically aimed at addressing and improving YOUR financial health. Depending on eligibility, active participants can earn up to            $1,600 for completing all aspects of the program. 

Neptune, NJ (August 29, 2022) – The Affordable Housing Alliance (AHA) has long been an advocate for equitable opportunities and solutions for the challenges facing our neighbors. To help eligible residents, the AHA is proud to offer a series of targeted financial programs aimed at strengthening and benefiting disadvantaged communities. Featuring an incentivized, two-track financial goal program combined with a set of workshops, qualified participants will be able to receive cash incentives by participating in and completing one or both goals of the program. Each of these goals is tied to key metrics that measure one’s financial well-being, and together with coaching and education, the AHA aims to guide residents through their appropriate pathway to reaching their financial goals.

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Getting Your House In Order (GYHIO): 

The “Getting Your House in Order” (GYHIO) program is a culturally-specific curriculum designed for African Americans. It is designed to acknowledge and address the particular attitudes and practices around money that are prevalent in the African American community. GYHIO has a very clear understanding of culture as it relates to African American financial practices, and this program covers topics like budgeting, debt and credit, and banking and investments all of which are set in the context of African American history and cultural practices. Qualified participants learn about financial institutions, credit, and lending. Participants will practice personal financial management tools, and obtain their financial reports to set specific goals.

Utilizing the five (5) below courses, the AHA will build knowledge and confidence in a way that is personal, nonjudgmental, and deeply informed by African-American experiences:

Training #1:     Real Talk, Money
Training #2:    Money Management
Training #3:    Savings and Investing **
Training #4:    Making Credit Work for You
Training #5:    Protecting Yourself and Your Assets**
**Presented with the assistance of an African American Professional.

The ‘Getting your House in Order’ (GYHIO) program and the training of AHA staff were made possible with the support of NeighborWorks America.

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Ready to Start Your Journey?

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Financial Coaching Incentive Program:

Working 1-on-1 with guidance from the AHA’s Financial Success Center, eligible active program participants can expect to address their credit scores as well as their credit utilization percentage. Both of these metrics can be a stumbling block in obtaining housing as well as other financial services, and getting a handle on both is an ideal way to begin your healthy financial journey.

To further incentivize qualified participants, monetary amounts rise with corresponding rises in participants’ credit scores and credit utilization numbers. The credit score incentive, ranging from $400 to $800, will depend on the number of credit score points increased through the course of the program. The credit utilization incentive also ranges from $400 to $800 and depends on the % of the decrease in participant’s credit utilization over the program’s duration. Taken together and fully utilized, the $1,600 available through the Financial Freedom Incentive Program will surely be a welcome addition to anyone’s bottom line.

Eligible residents can participate in both incentive programs to receive up to a maximum of $1,600.

The incentive program is made possible with the generous contributions of JP Morgan Chase.

About the Affordable Housing Alliance

The Affordable Housing Alliance (AHA) was founded in 1991 to address Monmouth County’s affordable housing shortage. Through the hard work and dedication of our talented team of difference-makers, the AHA has grown into a 501c(3) non-profit organization with an ‘exemplary’ rating from NeighborWorks America and a well-rooted footprint in New Jersey. While our organization grows, the AHA’s commitment to supporting the Garden State’s housing and utility challenges remains unchanged.

The AHA has developed, financed, renovated, or constructed over 600 rental and homeownership housing units and continues to own and manage over 500 units. Our unique portfolio represents the variety of housing options available for low and moderate-income households. In addition to our development and management experience, the AHA is a HUD-Certified housing counseling agency and provides a variety of social service and assistance programs to assist individuals in obtaining and remaining in permanently affordable housing.

To learn more about our organization, programs, and resources, please visit or call us at 732.389.2958